Thursday, 23 September 2010

No Beads, BUT New Nails and Exercising!

Now while I can't make beads, there are other things that I've been doing. First of all, I realised how unfit I was (big unhappy face!). So I found my old exercise thingy, I am not even sure what it is called, but I call it my "Ladybird" (it is in the pix) and I recommend this to anyone who is thinking about improving one's stomach and other muscles, this little thing is absolutely terrific! The greatest thing about it is that you don't have to spend hours exercising: all you do - but you need to do it every day - you do 60-65 moves on it (it sounds really stupid!), which would normally amount to about five (FIVE!) minutes of your time per day! Of course, when I was a singer, I used to do it easily and quickly, I even managed to increase the number a bit within the same 5 minutes. Now I started with 45 moves, and this has been a real pain. But I will persevere.

The other thing is I have invented a new fashion for nails. Seriously. Look at the picture. What you do is you put your first layer of nail varnish on (in my case it is my favourite silver), dry it, then distress it a bit around the edges or even in the middle - whatever you like really - then cover it with a layer of a different colour (in my case, again, it is some funny dark red, I don't even know where or why I bought it in the first place), and voila!: your nails look like they have been covered in shards! That's what I call "Bead Maker's Manicure"! I hope you'll like it! I am wearing mine to the GBUK AGM this Saturday! See you there! xx

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