Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Hey, I've made some beads today and now everybody's said they look like eyes. How disgusting is this! especially that they are not supposed to look like eyes! I must photograph them, but I'm quite upset now!

Anyway, there was one bead that everybody was happy with, and this is gonna be part of a new bracelet! it's gonna be called "Night and Day".

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

No Music!?!

Can you believe this, in the section of "Industry" there is no music!!! How come? So I'll have to make do with "Arts".
Not bad for a beginner, I thought. Unfortunately, the photo of the bead appeared in my profile, not in the text on the right, but never mind, I'll get there. This bead is not the one I was making today. This one is just a floral, and this particular photo is good because you can just see the lovely layers inside, which are numerous! It is really very pretty.
Hi! It is a lovely sunny day today in Norfolk, temperaturewise - a bit chilly, for this time of year, anyway, only +3 C! I am off to make some beads in a mo, so... talk to you later!