Thursday, 30 April 2009

It was hard at the Dulwich Glass Fair. We ended up just sitting around, watching the visitors, drinking lots and lots of coffee - from which I became hyper and had to go to the loo almost every 15 mins! It was good though as on my way I had to pass by the beautiful beads of Beverley Hicklin! As I was too shy to come up to her every time I passed I turned my eyes in a strange and funny way towards her stall just to get a glimpse of her amazing beads, I hope she did not notice this! But then I did come up, and we had a great chat about glass, and beads, and beadmaking. I also met Jo of GlassTales, she had a great stall, I just loved her tiered displays. And the beads! I wish I could buy some, but as I did not make any money I had to postpone this pleasure till future events, only in the hope that one day I would get to be again in the company of such immensely talented people.

Then I have been experimenting with Luna (D.Helix), and this has not been going very well. Does anybody know anybody who gives lessons on all this reduction, striking etc?

Friday, 10 April 2009


Isn't it a lovely day today! I can see all these daffodils moving in the wind - it is actually just a light breeze really - so I thought I'd make some just like the ones in the garden. I think they came out quite well!