Saturday, 31 July 2010

Pink and Green

Hi everybody! Sorry I have been ignoring my blog, then I realised just how diligent Rod has been with his, so here I am again!

I thought that if I just post photos with my beads it would be a bit boring, as most of the people who would come across my blog would be able to make them anyway! But if I chat about things that I find difficult while making my beads, this would possibly be more interesting, AND people might want to leave comments, as they might have encountered the same.

So... I have been working on some new designs recently. I've managed to forget about my usual desire to make things deep, symmetrical and perfect, and for a change I tried some "surface painting" as I call it. I've also tried to use different colours to the ones I usually use. So these beads have a double-colour base of pink and green (212). Pink - Tuffnell have soooo many: Light Pink, Baby Pink, Powder Pink, Angel Pink, and some time ago I decided to try them all out. For some reason - by mistake! - I bought loads of Light Pink, possibly because I'd mixed it up with Baby Pink which is more expensive. So naturally this was the choice for the new colour combination - I am like this, totally pragmatic: if you've got lots of something, use it! (Even if you hate it!). The green started "leaking" into the pink, of course, BUT only at the beginning. Soon enough I twigged that I must not heat it too much, and it's better to have less green compared to the amount of pink. This is what I've managed to produce (the photos have been taken outside with no sun, it's really cloudy here today!). I'm still thinking about the name. First inclination was something like "Playground" accompanied by the ringing tone of the same title. I don't think I'll sell a lot though with this kind of name!

Next time: all these dots on the surface - they ain't as easy as they look!