Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hi everybody, I'm back!!! I have been writing my book, the last part of which was posted to the editors yesterday - yippee! I've been so busy that I have become some kind of a hermit, only replying to very urgent e-mails: I don't even remember when was the last time that I went to the pictures! Anyway, hopefully it'll be easier now.

On the bead front I've got lots of ideas which I am going to work on starting with almost now. Every Sunday for the last half a year we've been going to Derby. As you are on A50 driving away from the M1, there is one place there, which gave me a lot of inspiration for this bead: it will have green for the ground, and then pink and blue and yellow for the sky. The view is fabulous, I hope I'll be able to catch it in glass. It's gotta be called "Derby" or something like that. You can't call a bead "The A50", can you? I'll have to give it a little thought!