Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Autumn Bargain

I can't make beads - so what! No problemo, I have been de-stashing the beads I made ages ago. I've never sold beads which were made at the beginning of my carreer. Actually, not at the very beginning, they are more of a "thought-in-process" assortment, as there are lots of florals, including on a dichroic base which is quite complicated (for me, anyway) to handle. I haven't been selling them before because, first of all, they are all my friends. It might sound really weird, but that's how I used to treat them, I just couldn't bring myself to looking at them as a "product" which would be sold. I have been somehow "attached" to them. That's also why I don't sell a lot, I seem to keep them for myself! But the time has come, I think, when they should go to new homes. So they are all going to be on ebay as from today for 10 days. This will also help me to keep my "beadboxes" under control - otherwise they have been breeding here!

My goodness, it is hard work to string 100 beads! That's what I've been doing all morning, I can't believe it! But now they are all ready, sitting prettily on a very strange piece of ribbon - another new thing, I usually use plain white ribbon: before we moved, I went to the little craft shop in Downham to buy my usual string, and they informed me that they wouldn't be getting anymore of this type, it had been discontinued :(. Ah, just as well... New place, new house, new string!

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