Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The tablecloth is ready!

I actually went out this morning (not counting the boring 1/2hr drive to King's Lynn, because our local fabrics shop was closed - Wednesday, remember old days??!!) and bought a lovely new piece of amazingly lovely fabric. I had to do the end bits on the sewing machine - how nice that my Mum can't see them, she would definitely tell me off for those kinds of stitches! Anyway, you can see it for yourselves: these are just some shots of the sexy tablecloth that I am going to have on Saturday in Northamptonshire - it's GBUK AGM, after all, and I've got a stall. So you can come by and say hi!

Monday, 14 September 2009

I have bought some gorgeous beads from Beverley Hicklin, check her website out - Actually, when you think about it, it was probably these amazing beads that made me order this lentil press! It's been busy, I've been going mad with this press (I don't know how it has not yet disintegrated!) - alas, the poor poor beads have not been coming out perfect to be sold! Never mind, I need more practice, but one day I'll be fine!

Of course, I need to get ready for the Saturday AGM of GBUK as I have a stall there. I have planned to "revamp" my tablecloth, so lots of sewing is coming into my life. Sorry but no photos today - I ought to take one of the new lentils but it is raining so possibly 2mrw!

Friday, 11 September 2009

What's This?

This is what I thought looking out of the kitchen's window. I never planted any flowers near that brick garage wall, so what is it? I had to go out and inspect that tiny bright pink patch - it must have been a little seed that came in with the wind from somewhere, and I did not notice it and did not pick it out with weeds simply because I have been away for such a long time! And who said that flowers do not grow near walls, look at this one, it has never even been watered by me!

By the way, on the left is our Fat Cat. I think he is really proud to have been included into this special picture.

But yes, I am back at last. Some exciting things have happened, and I received this morning some new presses from the States. I am off to try them out!