Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Autumn Bargain

I can't make beads - so what! No problemo, I have been de-stashing the beads I made ages ago. I've never sold beads which were made at the beginning of my carreer. Actually, not at the very beginning, they are more of a "thought-in-process" assortment, as there are lots of florals, including on a dichroic base which is quite complicated (for me, anyway) to handle. I haven't been selling them before because, first of all, they are all my friends. It might sound really weird, but that's how I used to treat them, I just couldn't bring myself to looking at them as a "product" which would be sold. I have been somehow "attached" to them. That's also why I don't sell a lot, I seem to keep them for myself! But the time has come, I think, when they should go to new homes. So they are all going to be on ebay as from today for 10 days. This will also help me to keep my "beadboxes" under control - otherwise they have been breeding here!

My goodness, it is hard work to string 100 beads! That's what I've been doing all morning, I can't believe it! But now they are all ready, sitting prettily on a very strange piece of ribbon - another new thing, I usually use plain white ribbon: before we moved, I went to the little craft shop in Downham to buy my usual string, and they informed me that they wouldn't be getting anymore of this type, it had been discontinued :(. Ah, just as well... New place, new house, new string!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Demi-Monde Adventures

It was a travel day today! I like travelling, especially looking out of the window of the car, that is possibly why I still don't drive! Can you imagine - driving and at the same time trying to look around - probably not a good idea. Anyway, we went to North Cave which is in Yorkshire, almost on the M62 towards Hull. We met Nigel Robinson, Rod's colleague regarding "The Demi-Monde"'s website, in this lovely hotel/restaurant which we just bumped into! It was called "Rudstone Walk" (in fact, technically speaking it is in South Cave: South Cave, Brough HU15 2AH tel: 01430 422230) and it was truly pretty, the staff were so friendly, and the meal (and the wine!) was gorgeous! If you are ever around in that area this place is strongly recommended!

Then we went to the studios where some time ago I had copies of my disc made, but this time we talked to the guys there regarding making a teaser for "The Demi-Monde" to be put on Amazon together with the book description. It was really exciting! I will be "the voice of ABBA" and I will have to be filmed too. Though it is only going to be 30 seconds at the most, there is going to be a lot of work done, Rod is alrealy starting on the script, and I have to dig out my hats! (the feel is going to be Victorian-esque).

Also Nigel brought a poster - it looks amazing! Unfornately, as it always happens with us, we accidentally left it in the restaurant, so I can't show you a pic. BUT instead here is a pic of the leaflet for "The Demi-Monde" which is also the cover of the book.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Last week, thanks to Dominique, I received the first big and important parcel to the new house - my book. This was the first time I saw the new cover and the actual book. Mixed feelings... It is great to see something that you've sweated for in your hands, having taken on a real shape and form. The trouble is, when I "flick through" it I remember all those days of hard work - not even a year ago! But it looks very pretty, and I do hope there is a lot of good advice in it for people like myself.
One critisism: if it were entirely me, I would have had more pictures of the final finished jewellery pieces - after all, they are the end product, and those pictures were the most difficult part of it all. For example, the shot of the "Mermaids' Eyes" Bracelet took me nearly two months to get right: the shape of it, and the lighting seemed for ever not quite right, but in the end it was cropped - had I known, I would have produced something similar without so much sweat.
Anyway, the work is done, and the book (hopefully) will be on the shelves as from 7th November (Great October Revolution day in Russia!), so... happy shopping and lampworking and jewellery making!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

No Beads, BUT New Nails and Exercising!

Now while I can't make beads, there are other things that I've been doing. First of all, I realised how unfit I was (big unhappy face!). So I found my old exercise thingy, I am not even sure what it is called, but I call it my "Ladybird" (it is in the pix) and I recommend this to anyone who is thinking about improving one's stomach and other muscles, this little thing is absolutely terrific! The greatest thing about it is that you don't have to spend hours exercising: all you do - but you need to do it every day - you do 60-65 moves on it (it sounds really stupid!), which would normally amount to about five (FIVE!) minutes of your time per day! Of course, when I was a singer, I used to do it easily and quickly, I even managed to increase the number a bit within the same 5 minutes. Now I started with 45 moves, and this has been a real pain. But I will persevere.

The other thing is I have invented a new fashion for nails. Seriously. Look at the picture. What you do is you put your first layer of nail varnish on (in my case it is my favourite silver), dry it, then distress it a bit around the edges or even in the middle - whatever you like really - then cover it with a layer of a different colour (in my case, again, it is some funny dark red, I don't even know where or why I bought it in the first place), and voila!: your nails look like they have been covered in shards! That's what I call "Bead Maker's Manicure"! I hope you'll like it! I am wearing mine to the GBUK AGM this Saturday! See you there! xx

Monday, 20 September 2010

How long has it been since I last came to my blog? The move is over, but the boxes are still there to unpack! Thank goodness, we have internet now, it's taken about two weeks. I've got some pix for you to see: the entrance to the house we now live in (pansies - I just adore them!), the fuscias I brought with me from Norfolk (these are my very favourite, and you can see behind them the lovely little statue/candle holder called "The Circle of Friends" which we bought when we lived in Yorkshire) and a very content Fat Cat who now lives near the big blue flower pots at the back entrance.

The only small problem is that I am currently unable to make beads. :(