Monday, 9 August 2010

Glass, glass, glass!

New glass arrived. Have a look: on the left is a rod of Opal Yellow that I've had before, on the right - what I got now. This is the reason for when we are asked if we can make the same beads like the ones that the customer has seen or has bought from us before, we can only reply: "I'll do my best." Batches of glass vary, and this is just one example. I hope it will behave, though, in the same way, otherwise... :(
But I want to finish on a happy note, that being that I've got all my mandrels ready and I'm just about to "dive" into my studio! Another exciting thing is that I've also bought some special mandrels for blowing beads: I haven't got any idea about how to use them. I remember seeing how these blown beads were made some time ago, and then it seemed pretty straight forward, but now, looking at these strange mandrels, I'm thinking about taking a lesson! :)

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